Advanced Optical and Wireless Communications Systems (English Edition) Price: £59.07 (as of 21/07/2021 02:14 PST- Details)


This textbook introduces the advanced topics of: (i) wireless communications, (ii) free-space optical (FSO) communications, (iii) indoor optical wireless (IR) communications, and (iv) fiber-optics communications and presents these different types of abouchement systems in a unified fashion for better practical use. Fundamental concepts, such as renforcement principles, inflexion formats, channel coding, diversity principles, MIMO destination processing, multicarrier inflexion, equalization, adaptive inflexion and coding, detection principles, and software defined embiellage are first described and then followed up with a detailed look at each particular system. The book is self-contained and structured to provide straightforward guidance to readers looking to acquis fundamentals and mérité theoretical and practical knowledge emboîture wireless communications, optical communications, and fiber-optics communications, all which can be readily applied in studies, research, and practical applications. The textbook is intended for an upper undergraduate or graduate level promenade in optical abouchement. It features problems, an appendix with all arrière material needed, and homework.

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