Digital Business and E-Commerce Management 6th edn PDF eBook (English Edition) Price: £90.50 (as of 21/07/2021 01:10 PST- Details)


This text offers a comprehensive intronisation to the theory and practice of e-tenue and e-combat conduite. The author, Dave Chaffey, brings his trademarks of authority, clarity of modulation and teaching évaluation to bear on a subject in which he actively lectures and consults.


A lire en complément : La mise en conformité au RGPD

Popular for its cutting-edge and contemporary coverage, this text offers an universel approach and a good balan between the technical and managerial topics of axial immensité to developing an understanding of this subject.  


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Developed for students studying e-tenue or e-combat at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and also used by many tenue managers, this is the essential text to keep pace with technology, strategy and implementation.