Marketing Strategy in the Age of the ‘Omni-Moment of Truth’ (English Edition) Price: £7.99 (as of 21/07/2021 00:41 PST- Details)


The landscapes marketers operate in are extremely dynamic and are ever-changing due to the fast pace of technology, transforming consumer needs, competitors’ reactions and retailers’ accentuée initiatives. This calls upon an adaptive marketing strategy that quickly adjusts to the situational factors happening in the marketplace. More often than not we have seen static and fixed strategies that faded away alongside declining brands. Indeed, with the changing idée of consumers’ interactions with brands and retailers, marketers should focus on the related driving consumer moments rather than to fonction the emphasis on the unité and retail channels.

This handbook provides marketers with the strategies and tools to use in an era where consumer and shopper engagements are mainly driven by “moments of truth”. It first tackles the needed analyses brands should conduct alongside a empoignade on the overall changing consumer journey, the moments of truth and the multi-channel opposé à the omni-channel perspectives. It then discusses the Caisse on the obsolescence of the current “first moment of truth” due to the recent technological advances and changing consumers’ behavior, and accordingly presents and lists the new moments of truth. The fundamentals of marketing strategy and the needed adapted approach in line with the advent of the “omni moment of truth” are examined. The handbook concludes on marketing carnet, category management and the omni moment of truth strategic map. Caisse studies are also featured throughout this handbook covering topics such as defense carnet, Amazon’s technological disruptions, apparition to market strategies in China and binaire strategies in the Arab world.

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