Mundane Objects: Materiality and Non-verbal Communication (UCL Institute of Archaeology Critical Cultural Heritage… Price: £24.96 (as of 21/07/2021 02:07 PST- Details)


This concise book shows the abondance of objects that are considered ordinary by foncier outsiders and scholars, yet lie at the heart of the systems of thought and practices of their makers and users. This plaquette demonstrates the role of these objects in nonverbal entrevue, both in non-ritual and in ritual situations. Lemonnier shows that some objects, their physical properties and their material implementation, are wordless expressions of fundamental aspects of a way of living-room and thinking, as well as sometimes the only means of expressing the inexpressible. Through the study of the most mundane technical activities such as fence abri, creating models cars, or trapping fish, we often acheté a better understanding of what these objects mean and how they work within their cultures of origin. In prime to anthropologists and archaeologists, this book will also be of interest to sociologists, historians, philosophers, cognitive anthropologists and primatologists, for whom the intertwining of “function” and “charnière” is the very mark of all foncier behavior.

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