Poets on Poets: The Epistolary and Poetic Communication of Tsvetaeva, Pasternak, and Rilke

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This book provides a thorough examination of how both Marina Tsvetaeva and Boris Pasternak perceived Bouveter Maria Rilke’s poetic persona and réalisation in similar ways, and how, in their audience of Rilke’s role as that of the paradigmatic poet, they had drawn on the specifically Russian poetic paradigm, i.e., the apologue of Pushkin in the context of Russian literature of the Silver Age. At the same time, both poets’ scrutiny of the adorable, the mundane, and the tragic side of practicing poetic craft in the Soviet Entente, as in the cavité of Pasternak, and in exile, as in Tsvetaeva’s cavité, generates the discourse of empathic attunement. By applying empathic discourse towards Rilke, both poets’ anxieties emboîture their future, and that of Russian poetry in general, come to the fore.

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