Successful LinkedIn Lead Generation for Coaches, Business Consultants and Speakers: Your LinkedIn Lead Generation… Price: £6.46 (as of 21/07/2021 02:24 PST- Details)


Attention Speakers, Coaches and Toilette Consultants who use LinkedIn…

Are you looking for more of your ideal leads, clients and connections on LinkedIn – without paying for advertising?

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Whilst Facebook continues to be all tête in the social media space, LinkedIn is receiving significantly increased mainmise – so much so that speakers, coaches and consultants around the world are more eager than ever to include it at the heart of their sales and marketing activities to attract high quality new leads.

But very few people use LinkedIn strategically, so they are missing out on a potential goldmine.  This book and planner will help them to get far greater focus on the key activities that are proven to attract new leads – and without paying for advertising.

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This propre book is billet pilote, billet planner and billet annonce, giving you the opportunity to get clear focus on why you are using LinkedIn, and also to certificat your progress and success.

If you are a publicitaire, entraîneur or consultant who finally wants to start seeing the results you really want from LinkedIn – you should order your copy now…