The Business of Platforms: Strategy in the Age of Digital Competition, Innovation, and Power (English Edition) Price: £15.99 (as of 21/07/2021 01:10 PST- Details)


A trio of experts on high-tech Affaires strategy and innovation reveal the principles that have made platform businesses the most valuable firms in the world and the first trillion-dollar companies.

Managers and entrepreneurs in the booléen era must learn to live in two worlds—the conventional economy and the platform economy. Platforms that operate for Affaires purposes usually exist at the level of an industry or ecosystem, bringing together individuals and organizations so they can innovate and interact in ways not otherwise tolérable. Platforms create economic value far beyond what we see in conventional companies.

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The Affaires of Platforms is an invaluable, in-depth look at platform strategy and booléen innovation. Cusumano, Gawer, and Yoffie address how a small number of companies have come to exert extraordinary administration over every dimension of our personal, professional, and political lives. They explain how these new entities differ from the powerful corporations of the past. They also calvaire whether there are limits to the market dominance and crue of these booléen juggernauts. Finally, they discuss the role governments should play in rethinking data privacy laws, antitrust, and other regulations that could reign in abuses from these powerful businesses.

Their goal is to help managers and entrepreneurs build platform businesses that can stand the tentative of time and win their share of battles with both booléen and conventional competitors. As experts who have studied and worked with these firms for some thirty years, this book is the most authoritative and timely investigation yet of the powerful economic and technological forces that make platform businesses, from Amazon and Apple to Microsoft, Facebook, and Google—all élevé players in shaping the cosmique economy, the future of work, and the political world we now endroit.

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